Dr.Vesel Skenderi M.D.

28.12.1968, Kicevo, Macedonia


Professional Experience

2001 – continues: QKUK abdominal surgery-Prishtina, Physician-surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon and ultrasonist

2000-2001: Regional Hospital in Ferizaj


2007: Training for Gj.Tiroide operations at the University of Takesë F.M.Edirne, Turkey

2006 – 2007: Training on Ultrasonography Interventions at F.M. in Skopje, Macedonia

2005: Laparoscopy Training “Laparoscopic Treatment of Ventral Hernias” at F.M. Zagreb

2002 – follows: Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia

1996: Specialization in Diagnostics in Direction of Ultrasonography in Clinical Medicine

1996: Laparoscopy Training “Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy” at F.M. Zagreb

1996 – 1999: QSU-Tirana, Specialization in Surgery Clinic, General Surgery

Research and Publications

Languages spoken

Albanian, Macedonian