About Us

Kavaja Hospital is a surgical hospital that offers all the specialized surgical services of all types with laboratory possession, all in one place. Kavaja Hospital also offers high-quality services with innovative and advanced technology and equipment.


Kavaja Hospital offers hope through advanced and safe care for every patient and family every day.


We will be where our patients are.

Why Kavaja Hospital

Experience. Innovation. Tradition. Perfection. These are just some of the many reasons that Kavaja Hospital is consistently ranked among the best hospitals in Kosovo and the region.

Our values

The values that lead Kavaja Hospital in pursuit of our mission are:

  • Ensuring extraordinary care for patients and their families
  • Admitting the dignity and individuality of each patient and the staff member
  • Respecting patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Communicate openly and effectively with patients and staff
  • Maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior
  • Encouraging group work and accountability at all levels
  • Promotion of performance evaluation and continuous improvement